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Your new business idea? Share it with the world

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Real life is where the best ideas are found. Once you have identified the right one, it’s possible to test it out before you invest all your money. Your family and friends are able to help.


Do not listen to anyone who says “everything has been done”. There is still much to be done, so why not take control of it? Start testing your business idea. Now it’s time for the world to see your business idea.


To find out what sets you apart in your niche, research it carefully


Speaking of vacuums. James Dyson created a vacuum cleaner that uses a ball to rotate, instead of the square design used in the vacuum industry. Dyson looked at his market and saw a need. He filled it. Or he saw a gap in his market and filled it.


List potential competitors to your products and services.  managed dedicated server What are their strategies? What was their start point and where is it going? You don’t have to reinvent the industry. Your original idea can still be unique if executed well.


You can share the idea with people that you respect and trust.


Sometimes, ideas can sound great until they are actually tested in real life. It’s important to have some trusted family members or friends with whom you can share your thoughts. It is important to receive honest feedback and not just a “how sweet of you to try” response. You want an honest aunt who will tell you the truth.


Proper presentation is key. It is not the right time to bring up the topic after three beers at the bar with your friend. Make it professional and arrange a meeting. Your product or service should be explained as quickly and clearly as possible. Describe the problem and then provide the solution. The idea may not be ready if you are unable to explain it to your nephew of six years old.


Beta testers are available to review your ideas


Show potential customers your business idea to find out if it will appeal to them. A WordPress website and a professional domain are required. It should be easy to use and explain the same problem/solution as you shared with your friends. Your website must then convince visitors to purchase.


You may be able, depending on the product or service you offer, to create a limited-run series of beta tests. It’s important to explain that this is a beta-test. Early adopters may offer feedback that can help you improve. Because they understand that the product is still being developed, they are more open to making mistakes. You can also use crowdsourcing to let customers pay their money and wait for the product’s creation after you have reached your fundraising goal.


It all boils down to you and what you believe in.


You have to believe your gut, even if you hear it from your trusted business partners, family, friends, and market experts. What if you could buy it with your own money. Is it able to solve a problem no other business can solve?


You’ve created a website to showcase your products. Now, you can gauge interest before investing in one idea. Instead of setting up a costly brick and mortar storefront you can make a virtual one or several and listen to your customers before investing.


Let go of your self-doubts and share your new idea


Talking about vacuums for too long will lead to someone making a cleaning pun. It’s a sucky thing, but it happens. Instead of trying to think up a business idea in your head, you can share it with people you trust, do some market research, and then release it into the world with a WordPress website and domain name