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What is Rakeback in Poker?

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To understand what exactly rakeback is, I’ll need to firstly explain how poker rooms make their revenue and money in online poker. Every time you play a game of poker, whether it’s a cash game or tournament, the poker room will take a small percentage of the buy-in fee. In cash games, a poker room take 5% from the value of each pot. This is more commonly known as the “rake”, and most players don’t even notice it happening. The truth is, the amount poker rooms take from rake builds up to a staggering amount in the long run. The biggest online poker site, PokerStars, earns around $500 million in profit from the tables (not revenue, profit!).


Now rakeback is a relative new phenomenon in online poker that only really started a couple of years ago, and has now turned into a massive promotion scheme for affiliates recruiting and referring players to poker sites. When you sign up to rakeback at a poker site, you receive a substantial percentage of the rake you generate a poker room back – hence the term rakeback. This figure is approximately 30%, which means you’re receiving 30% from the 5% the poker room takes from each pot you enter. Although this figure doesn’t seem that much, when you’re playing poker from a casual level onwards the money this adds up to is massive. Many experienced poker players will make up to $50,000 per year through rakeback alone – this has nothing to do with their actual profits directly from playing poker. And the truth is, you don’t have to be a regular poker player to take advantage of rakeback. Even low limit poker players, who have a bankroll of just $100, can end up earning $1000 each year playing micro stakes cash tables.


The most interesting part about rakeback however, is not it’s recent rise, but rather the secrecy surrounding it. Knowledgeable poker players will already know that no poker site currently advertises or provides rakeback schemes to those players who sign up to the poker  togel hongkong   room directly. This is purposeful done by the poker site, because offering rakeback to players heavily cuts into their profits (after all, they are giving away 30% of their profit margin), so they don’t overtly advertise unnecessarily to players who don’t know about it. In order to get rakeback, players must sign up new accounts to poker rooms through rakeback providing affiliates. These can easily be found by a quick search in Google, and will ultimately earn you much more money from having a rakeback account during your lifetime than any other poker bonus, offer or promotion will ever get close to providing.