What Are Affiliate Programs?

It is an agreement where a company offers a person an economic incentive, ie a commission, to generate visits that meet a goal, for example the purchase of a product, the website etc., the merchant where you gave yourself high as an affiliate you assign a link that will have inserted a unique code that identifies you as an affiliate (Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review), so every time people click on your affiliate link this takes them to the merchant’s page and if they buy they will pay a commission, the percentage of the payment is different in each company, in the case that in the first visit the prospect that you sent does not buy, and this prospect returns 2 months later to make the purchase this is awarded to you since from the beginning It is stored in the system of the owner of the page that you were the one who referred this client.

What types of affiliate programs are there?

pay per click where you charge each time a person clicks on an ad, you join google and gives you a code to insert this code in your site once you miss this Google places the ads that correspond to the theme of your website, commissions vary depending on the advertisement and some other factors this is the Google Adsense program. Pay for prospectus or printing, the merchant pays you every time you generate a visit that answers a form, you refer them to the page and when the person fills the form they pay you a commission that varies between 5 and 10 dollars. If you send a client to a site that works through membership with a monthly payment they will pay you a commission for each monthly payment made by the client that you sent them until they remain with them. Finally the payment per sale, for each sale generated by the merchant thanks to a person who came through your affiliate league, this is much more profitable and is what I recommend and that is to promote products that pay a commission of more than 25 or 30 dollars. Good in a future post I explain more about this simple and interesting way to start making money online without having product, without website, and with very little investment See you soon

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Affiliate marketing with Clickbank

Although most people do not know it, almost everyone who is looking to produce some money online has heard the name ” ClickBank ” and is more or less familiar with what it is.

Without a doubt, ClickBank is by far the first Internet market for digital products and affiliates that want to sell on the World Wide Web. You can say that ClickBank is on par with Amazon or eBay and few have even heard of ClickBank and that it works well in the background to serve the Internet population. When ClickBank came on the scene, what really was in a terrible situation was online marketing and this has contributed significantly to it thereafter. At the beginning of Internet marketing, Getting established as an online marketer meant that you had to find someone to carry out credit card payments. To accomplish this, a “merchant account” had to be purchased with a current credit card company and the requirements for this type of account were not readily available to most new Internet merchants trying to be recognized.

As an example of this, if you were planning to establish your business on the Internet you could not get a merchant account, unless you were billing a minimum of $ 1000 per month from the income of your business. Obviously it was almost unmanageable to get that kind of movement through your site. Then I could not receive credit card payments so I was stuck anyway. But from the perspective of the credit card company, they simply defended themselves. If you sell something online and there were a lot of refunds to process this would make the whole connection not profitable for them. So it was a great disadvantage for the credit companies and perhaps more for the Internet marketer in the hope of establishing themselves in the business

ClickBank responded to this demand of the market with the business objective of creating a market where sellers and buyers could work collectively in the sale of digital products with greater ease and benefits for all. And taking into account since then, ClickBank has grown to correspond to more than 10,000 products and meet the needs of more than 100,000 affiliated members, who have undoubtedly been winners in their sphere of business. He even intervened and resolved many issues related to the problem of merchant accounts:

  • Handles all money transfers from sales of products they support.
  • Its distribution to buyers is without difficulty and without complications so a buyer can quickly get the product from the market at a very low cost or inconvenience.
  • It ensures that the products begin to produce benefits very quickly

ClickBank knows that to remain a success, you must do business through its uncomplicated and profitable market for sellers with the products and affiliates who want to sell the products. A variety of tools were presented to affiliates to review the products to see which ones to focus on and to know what their statistics are, becoming a trend towards greater potential for success. For the affiliate, this means that he finds great support to be a success, making adjustments to his products quickly and without difficulty. For the seller, this means that the affiliates have an innate device to pick up their product and get it out in the Internet markets immediately. That means that sales quickly with little or no effort in the marketing process for the seller. This does not mean that internet marketing is for idiots and there is no doubt that there is room for scammers. The rules for affiliates (Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review) and providers are complicated and must be understood. Undoubtedly, ClickBank is a market like any other. The success of the product will depend on the value and value given to the customers. This is evident given the enormous success obtained in terms of products sold and affiliates satisfied.

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