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Those who make perfect lay downs just give up to much. Most observant opponents who notice this will eat your lunch. They will bluff with four card straights and flushes. You are getting odds for not folding in most cases.


Those opponents who are making most of the money are not doing what you are doing.


Early in my career I did not have the experience that I now possess. When learning and playing the small limits I figured out the tighter you played the better I would be. I read the Sklanskys, Malmuths and the Brunsons and all the other books out there. When I could not get a book that was out of print I had a used book store buy them at a premium after they scoured the world. I used these books as guidelines for starting hands and decided tight and aggressive was the way to go. More like tight and tight. Players who knew me back then said I was so tight at that time they wondered how I could make money. But the players I was playing against played so bad the tight is all I needed.


I remember playing hold-em at the Peppermill Casino in Reno Nevada with a meager two thousand dollar bankroll. I had 3 policies in my game back then play tight, do not pay off any bets with bad kickers such as A7s when and ace falls when there is any type of heat and do not pay off check raises on the turn unless you have a big kicker. Very simple but it worked for me and I believe it still will work for you. Playing at this level not to many players have to many moves and the volume in the pots will allow you to play tight. People usually play straight ahead not trying to figure out what you had and how it hurts there hand. This is Slot Online poker fun poker as you move up it gets more serious a lot more serious. Players at this level are often heard to say. If I only had the bankroll I would play 500 and 1000 and beat the best players in the world. I am sorry I laugh at this every time I hear this. First of all you will get slaughtered and in short order you would lose you entire bankroll. You have to understand that the reason why you are playing 3-6 is because you do not have the ability at this moment to rise to a higher level. Each level is different and at each level different attributes are needed to beat the game. You have no chance playing against the best and as you move up levels you will slowly acquire the skills that are needed. A 3-6 player just does not know the psychological warfare that is required to play at the highest level of poker. Many players break down under the strain and fall back to a level where they feel comfortable. Many players just break period and never are able to play poker again. Some top players become drug addicts and alcoholics because the pressure is just to great. This is poker at the highest level.


Playing 10-20 requires more skill as the players are better. They have knowledge of ranking of starting hands, odds and a understanding of what and opponent might be playing. The game still proceeds straight forward with and occasional check raise thrown in for good measure. Players start to bluff every so often. Yes you still have the loose ones but they are somewhat better players. The game is more serious. Very few plays are made. You will be spending some time here so take head an try to figure out what is going on. Copy long time players who are winners and are respected by other good players. You will start to see many winning styles of play. Tight and aggressive will be used by most players.


As you move up to 20-40 and 30-60 players begin to play at a different level. Players who just use the 3-6 and the 10-20 style will not survive. The game has changed. Players at this level know all the odds, strategies and understand what the opponent might be playing. They play the player, they are more aggressive, they are able to put players on hands and make plays on what the opponent. Psychological warfare has just started at this level. Pressure is the name of the game. No free cards will be given unless a play is going to be made or the player has nothing. Play at this level will require you to have a calling strategy for raises. The opponents you play against when you are raised will become of prime importance. Having no strategies for calling raises will make you call raises to liberally or fold to often costing you a fortune.


Moving up to higher levels of play players will be able to read your hand read any tells that you have. Players at this level will be very tricky and be willing to check raise you with nothing. They begin to see the whole hand as a package and as each card is turned over all the tendrils that lead off and will make sequenced mathematically correct plays. They will put you on a hand more quickly and will not pay you off on the river just to see your hand. Understand that calling a large bet on the river allows you to play two small bet hands before the flop they will fold correctly. These players will keep the pressure up when they feel they have any type of edge. Rivers will be bet only if they feel the other opponent will call with a weaker hand or there is a possibility of losing the pot to a check raise. Game selection becomes of prime importance with shorthanded play becoming a close second.


Past the intermediate you get to the players of the 500-1000 level or higher. At this level you find the elite of the poker world. Players at this level make between one and three million dollars a year. These players play the game as if it were chess. Knowing all the strategies, odds, short handed plays, tells, game selection and psychological ploys. Decisions made at this level are accurate and no room for error will be tolerated. They design plays against particular opponents hoping that one or two players will break mentally for a given time in order to be able to reap some reward. In their games only one average player is all that they require to make a a living. Players at this level usually have very high IQ’s and very good memories. All strategies are protected in order for them to maintain there edge. Psychological warfare is at its highest level. At the highest level you must play all games well as games at this level are combination games. Combination games contain seven stud, omaha, hold-em along with a myriad of other types of games. People at this level are truly all around games players.