Restaurant Marketing Strategies – From Discounting To Delivering Value

In my recent conversations with restaurant marketing leaders, I mostly heard familiar topics when discussing their marketing strategies. Some of the smaller concepts have had some success in the nominate your price promotion and other special efforts to promote sales, which has caused widespread media attention. But I have already said that most restaurants follow a more traditional strategy, sometimes water pinch, trying to try to be more effective and more realistic, and increase market share.

In some marketing strategies shared by some restaurant managers, there are usually discounts (Wolt Rabattkod) or limited time promotions. Let the smoke, marketing director of the concept Tacotime 550% 2B, tell me his concept increased the burritos in its online snacks, used at a price of 1.99 price cut crispy pork burritos for a limited time.

They found that this offer is attracting them Current Crisp Burrito fans and new articles from new customers. Frank D., president and chairman of the really lowest-priced restaurant and beer, said his philosophy was to create a flow and organize various promotions to cause a craze among consumers, some media support, but mainly Promotion between their restaurants.

President Mark Gherman and CEO of Kimchi, the concept of cold cuts and sandwiches with 40% 2B elements, said its brand Picklenomics deployment proposes to build its own partial menu, as well as soup half sandwiches or salads, drinks And fries, combined with your quality products and discounted prices.

Champagne Chicago’s Pops offers cheap promotions in the same direction as discount marketing. From 15 hours to 19 hours, from Monday to Friday, guests can order a 37% discount on all dishes, said Tom Verhey, the owner of the longest champagne bar in the country he shared with me. Dan Bim, the president of Cool St. Stone, is satisfied with the results achieved through their marketing concept in their new cake ice cream for entry prices.

The response is so good, our store has been barely able to fit on the shelves, and there are cakes that blow our sales. Moe’s Southwestern-Grill Texas-Mexican concept president Paul Damico said he The purpose of the $4.99 little Joey bag is double. First, we want our customers to provide the right size parts, and secondly, we want our guests to offer a meal under the 5$ strategy choice is successful, we plan to continue to expand our menu during these difficult times The same.

Time Responsive Promotion of the $5 Subway, Jeff Warfield, President and Director of Submarina, a concept cooked food based in California, has launched a $5 worth of tripods, including 6-inch tripods, soft drinks and French fries. Our 6-inch submarine has as much meat as a 12-inch counter, and we use fresh bread, Warfield said.

In terms of marketing strategy, in addition to discounts (Wolt Rabattkod) and limited time promotions, fewer restaurant concepts are shared with me. Some people talked about ways to improve their online presence. TacoTime recently updated its website to provide more interactivity to its customers. There will be online promotions soon, including similar competitions. Cold Stone Creamery also hopes to strengthen its online business through increasingly popular social marketing methods such as Facebook and Twitter. Joppi Richman, CEO of Happi House, said: Our most targeted strategy is to create a messaging club for our guests. Every new address collected online or at the restaurant will offer free catering on its website for free. Anniversary and monthly promotions. Happi House can follow information, print exchanges, the most successful quotes and the views of the most loyal members.

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