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RealNetwork Launch New Gaming Platform on casino en ligne

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A new platform for downloading and playing games has been released today (Monday 13th May) by RealNetworks.


Its hoped the game, called RealArcade, will become competitive with the on-line and off-line retailers that sell CD-ROM versions of games.


RealArcade consists of 120 exciting games including 5 that are exclusive to the platform. Bite size samples can be accessed with the option of downloading the full game for $9.99 or $19.99. The system allows users to store and play games or access user manuals reviews or tips. They will also be able to play or chat with other gamers online.


BetInternet Receives Takeover Bid


Betinternet’s shares have surged by 40% following an announcement that the online gaming company has received a bid for takeover. Shares closed up at 14.3% at 28 pence today.


The company casino en ligne has decided that it will continue to examine various other options for the development of the company, and one of these options was to remain independent.


Betinternets business is 70% concentrated in the sports betting area and is growing at rapid speed within the Far East, where its believed market penetration will give it a competitive advantage when the soccer World Cup is co-hosted by Japan and Korea in 2002.


No Gambling at Chinese Internet Cafes


Tough new laws issued by the Ministry of Information Industry and other governmental departments in China will force proprietors of Internet cafes to keep their customers away from sites that feature content considered illegal: pornography, gambling, violence, and content related to superstitions. Proprietors of the cafes will be held responsible for customers’ surfing violations and will face fines starting at 5,000 renminbi (US$604). They also risk having their licenses permanently revoked. Over the next three months, Chinese authorities will begin inspecting Internet cafes and police will look for violations. Internet cafes are booming in China. According to a survey by the China Internet Network Information Center, just over 20 percent of the 22.5 million Internet users in China access the Internet at such cafes. Matt McGarvey, an analyst at International Data Corp., warns, “E-marketplaces and e-businesses looking to engage with China really need to conform to China’s Internet regulations.” has the story from