Postnatal Care For New Mothers In Asian Cultures.

As time goes on, practice is constantly evolving, completely different from the situation of a generation, especially in Chinese culture. In the 1940s and 1950s, a new mother was confined to her room during the delivery period from birth to full moon or until one month. During this time she was unable to wash her hair or leave the house to prevent the wind from entering her body and causing pain in later life.

The delivery period is the time when the new mother is forced to rest, so that she can recover from the pain and recover her strength. A woman with expertise in herbal medicine and food is used to care for mothers and babies to feed day and night so that the mother can sleep and rest normally. She will be with her family throughout the month and will receive an orderly service. These services are in great demand and future mothers will book in advance to ensure that during childbirth, someone cares for their needs and baby.

These days, there is some flexibility. After about ten days, the new mother can wash her hair with a special bath. Your bath is usually boiled, mixed with certain herbs that can dissipate the wind of your body. The faucet does not use cold water or water directly.

Your diet contains special food and wine. Chicken and wooden mushrooms cooked with sesame oil and plenty of ginger and glutinous rice wine are everyday foods. She can only eat some fruits and vegetables such as apples, guavas and papayas. If you are breastfeeding, you can also get special soup to promote breast milk production. Every day, the chicken is steamed in the special vanilla of Bain Mary to get the pure essence of chicken. This is especially nutritious and energetic.

However, getting personalized services today can be quite difficult because many women who care for babies and new mothers have retired and are no longer available. A new market niche has emerged and women entrepreneurs have opened up containment houses.

These families provide respite services for new mothers who want to make sure they are sleeping and resting so that they can’t rest at home if they have children at home or don’t have enough children. Space at home. These houses offer a private single room or a room with twin beds. Market prices range from a few thousand dollars depending on the type of room you choose. Everything is taken care of, providing all meals, baby care day and night. Diapers and infant formula are also available (if the mother is not breastfeeding). These houses are professionally managed as a business, and experienced ladies in incarceration teach their knowledge of rituals and taboos. Traditional massages are also available like Post natal massage.

For convenience, many new Chinese mothers are taking advantage of this family incarceration service. According to the size of the house, it can accommodate up to 8 mothers.

However, in Malay culture, I believe that traditional customs are more strict in Indian culture. There is also a delivery period where the new mother must rest and take a special diet and herbal bath. Lemongrass and ginger are characterized by their characteristics, especially the elimination of the body’s wind.

The new Malay mother has a traditional massage like Post natal massage that can reduce the wind on her abdomen. I remember the lady who came to give me a massage. She warmed my stomach with a hot brick wrapped in a towel and then massaged less oil. After that, a long special tailored fabric wraps around my abdomen to flatten it. I don’t allow laundry when I first deliver. The purpose of the massage is to expel the wind, reduce the size of the uterus, and restore my size.

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