Joe Cada will appear in Casino Malaysia  ?

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About seven days Casino Malaysia  battled against David Moon to the impressive victory, yes, we’re referring to the 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion’s Bracelet, taking $8.5 million. (by the way moon took about 4 million)

Our new young poker superstar is ready to keep billing! Now he is going to appear in WWE (the world wrestling association).

Anyway Joe Cada Said “Life suddenly became very interesting!. Tonight I will enter the WWE Monday Night Raw ring, tomorrow I will be with David Letterman and I will play a money game backstage at the Late Show as well as waiting with seats to see the New York Rangers game” he also said “I highly recommend playing to poker as a way of life and playing the Main Event, I’m really, really grateful.”

Chan, the player who won 10 bracelets, is eliminated in this video, as well as other professional players with great experience, the vast majority eliminated by totally unknown characters. Everyone has their chance to win this tournament with prizes exceeding 8 million dollars!

In the last part of the video Texas Dolly (Doyle Brunson) almost lost all her chips against a pair of JJ’s, luckily a K came up and he won (he had AKo). Enjoy it.

What happens at the end with Doyle Brunson is truly amazing!! An unfortunate loss for the poker tournament and for the world of entertainment!

For those who don’t know, the LAPT is the Latin American Poker Tour, a series of tournaments that take place in Latin America. This tournament in Punta del Este was the last of the year for the LAPT and was of great importance. The same sponsored by Pokerstars

Pokerstars has recorded several videos of the different days and has done some interviews. I have chosen the best videos so that you have a general overview of what the tournament was like, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The “Beat the Team” tournament of the fourth edition of the Ladbrokes European Online Championship of Poker (LEOCOP) had the largest number of participants in this series of events to date. 499 players signed up to play Ladbrokes Best, Ladbrokes sponsored professionals. Nightmarish hands and unbelievable stakes were the order of the day as players battled it out for rewards ranging from $200 to $3,000 plus the pride of beating some of the biggest names on the global poker circuit.

First to claim $200 for the elimination of WSOP finalist Jon skalie Kalmar was Push73 and was quickly followed by princessace, the winner of event #3 Daddy I, who did not make the final table but won a $3000 prize at eliminate Roy ROYTHEBOY Brindley.

The first bust from the final table was laddog ($335.50) and was closely followed by 1875 which was up against pocket kings. A few hands later Plym legend left the table when his A-J lost to A-K. Seventh place went to PYTUPEPOE when he lost with the best flush and sixth place and $1,207 went to Razork 8 when his pocket 9s failed to hold against Q-10. Acid, who won Collin Lloyd’s $3,000 bounty last of the night, finished fifth and added $1,476 to his prize when his J-10 lost to A-K. Acid was closely followed by another bounty winner, brimolko who placed fourth.

When it came down to the last three players the action slowed down a bit, it was lurvelegg who eventually busted in third place for $2,818. The heads up began after more than seven hours of play. The game for first place was between Basingstoke’s GreenMan1 and eliman. And the championship honor finally fell to eliman from Sosnovyi Bor, Russia who earned $6,710.

“The Beat the team event has been the most registered event so far, but we knew it was going to be popular. We really had a good time at the tables and the event really showed that Ladbrokes is an online poker site and community”, said Edward Ihre, MD of Ladbrokes Poker.

Edward Ihre went on to say: “This tournament is a great addition and it’s really fun. It must be said that the surprise of the day was delivered by players Colin Lloyd (jaws180) and PDC champion John Part who outperformed most of the pros.”