How To Maintain Luxury Watches?

By buying a collector’s watch, the enthusiast will even be able to add value to the resale.

Most of those who wear wristwatches do so for the sake of convenience, to have the time easily and at any time of the day. But others are interested in this object as investors: they often hold 5 or 6 watches, even more if they are passionate, and sometimes derive from the resale of their collection a huge added value.

If you are tempted in this type of investment, know that you will find Luxury watches at all prices, even if exceptional models are often negotiated above 20,000 euros. The expectation of gain? It is difficult to predict, but some Luxury watches have seen their rating increase from 1,000 to 50,000 euros in 30 years. In fact, as much as their quality, it is their scarcity that guides the market. Note that if you do not have big means, you can still offer known brands, such as Longines or Chaumet, for example, for a bet of a few thousand euros.

Attention since May 2017 the regulation of atypical investments has evolved. Any structure marketing a product to the public by putting forward a performance perspective must now have an information document validated by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), which will then be able to assign a registration number. Land groups, which make it possible to invest in vineyards, farmland or forests, are also subject to regulation by the stock market watchdog.

Luxury Watches Price

Less than 7,000 euros for a watch of quality brought to be valued in the long term.

Omega Seamaster, Vacheron Constantin Overseas, Rolex Daytona: the great classics, these famous “collectors”, are worth more than their weight of gold. In Geneva, a Rolex Daytona from 1969 was recently awarded more than 1 million dollars … All do not start at this price, but, when they combine assets such as technical prowess, beauty, rarity and , of course, prestige, these watchmaking stars, whatever their age, are sure to see their rating reach highs.

Fortunately, for small and medium budgets, there are also quality Luxury watches, bought between 3,000 and 7,000 euros. This is the case, for example, at Longines, Breguet, Tag Heuer or Breitling, but also with models marketed by internationally renowned jewelers such as Cartier, Chaumet or Chopard.

Models that are no longer manufactured are often great business.

The beautiful Luxury watches that are no longer manufactured but still exist in large quantities on the market are called “pre collectors”. Their first advantage is financial: accessible between 2,000 and 4,000 euros, these used models cost 25 to 35% less than new ones. Second advantage: they will become scarce over time, following the multiple deteriorations and losses that will occur. What turn them into real “collectors” if they have been well maintained. Third advantage: it is a safe investment. The proof, in 150 years of existence, the high-end watchmaking has become a value whose rating has steadily increased.

Even a slight scratch can result in a discount of 20% of the catalog price.

Privileging prestigious brands is not enough to make a good financial investment. When reselling, the watch must be in absolutely impeccable condition. This is a basic requirement when signing a check with more than 4 digits. The slightest scratch observed with a magnifying glass may result in a discount of 5 to 20% compared to the same model without defect.

Attention also to the bracelet, it can have a very great value and is often inseparable from the watch which it accompanies. This is the case, in particular, Rolex Oyster bracelets. Finally, to avoid any bad plan, ask yourself these 3 questions before buying a watch “vintage” quality: it still works? Where is she from ? Does she still have the box and the original papers?

What to avoid?

Wash your hands, shower, do the dishes with your watch (hot soapy water arriving in jet form damages the joints).

Use your watch for everything and anything (for sports and DIY, buy another watch (futuristic digital display if you want, there you can ^^).

Do not have read the notice of his watch and believe that it does not work or bad when it works normally.

Change the date between -3 hours and +3 hours the normal date change (if your watch changes the date to midnight, do not manually change the date between 9pm and 3am), otherwise you break a coin inside and the date will still work but more all the time. This is of course not valid for electronic digital watches.

There are many brands of watchmaking (infinitely more than the general public generally imagines). So to find THE watch in this jungle of choice, I propose a small method (this is just an example huh!):

If you really do not know where to start : look at the ads of different brands and talk with anyone about the subject (friends, family, colleagues). This allows to discover the world of brands.

Make a photo plank with some models of watches that you like and do not like, and know how to explain in a few words why.

Go to a watchmaker or a watch store (Galeries Lafayettes Paris has the advantage of collecting many brands on one level, it can already give ideas). Do not hesitate to really go to all possible places, we are sometimes pleasantly surprised!

Speak with the watchmaker or salesmen and try out models , write down the references of those you like. Ask if there are used models or stock purposes, again we are sometimes pleasantly surprised.

Take the time to make your choice (see the list of criteria). Nothing is urgent, you can always know the time differently in the meantime. Do not forget that it is an accessory that can perfect like demolishing all your style!

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