How To Earn Instagram Followers In 2018 (Como Conseguir Seguidores En Instagram)?

Who is this Article aimed at?

You need more audience for this you need to increase the number of subscribers on your Instagram account but you are not sure where to start. This is a somewhat of grey area.

You’re already posting a photo (or many) to your account, but you do not get many likes or comments, so keep reading these tips.

The different types of subscribers on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram)

Subscribers on instagram obtained as and when publishing your photos are not all the same value if you want to create a quality audience.

Whatever you do your subscribers will always be composed by these different types of profiles.

False followers

These are the subscribers of the poorest quality you can get! These are fake accounts created by computer scripts that will go to subscribe massively to your user account.

Do not expect to get feedback, likes or comments as it is not a real user but robots or fake accounts.

Buy packs of fake followers Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) is a method widely used on social networks and on Instagram in particular, to simulate a popularity “fictional” but know that it is very easy today to detect this type of method through tools.

If your goal on Instagram is to get sponsorship, to partner or simply to attract customers, go your way because this type of followers will stoop your credibility and will not help you if you want to achieve concrete results .

Fake followers rates on Instagram

  • Around 10% False followers : This is the normal threshold on Instagram, especially if your user account is relatively new or you have not yet promoted your account.
  • Around 15% : The vast majority of influencers on Instagram are in around this figure.
  • Between 15% to 20% : This is the limit not to be exceeded. However, the bigger your account, the more likely you are to see the rate of fake followers in this range.
  • Beyond 20% : Here it is likely that the administrator has used a service of buying followers.
  • Beyond 30% : Well, what to say, a big part of the subscribers is a mixture of inactive accounts without any interest and false followers.

Non-targeted subscribers

These are real people on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) who will follow your account because they saw your photo appear briefly on the social network’s crawl page, these people follow you on a whim and never go again go to your account or will react very little to your content.

These can also be robots that follow your account automatically.

It’s impossible to avoid this type of followers on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) and on social networks in general, unless you do a lot of work checking account after account that the profile matches your expectations.

The best way is from time to time to audit your followers and block those that do not suit you.

Unfortunately the time invested can be huge so I recommend that you accept being followed by this type of followers as long as they represent a small percentage of your total subscribers.

Targeted subscribers

The goal of the game on Instagram is obviously to attract real users who react to the photo or video published on your account but who are interested in your area of ​​activity.

Earning targeted Instagram followers (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) is the goal of any promotional or marketing campaign, either by advertising, by partnering, or by attracting the attention of selected individuals to competing accounts.

On social networks, these are the most interesting followers, but how do you attract these people to your Instagram account?

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