How To Completely Fill The Swimming Pool On The Ground?

In my case, my underground swimming pool needed expensive repairs, so my wife and I decided to fill the pool. Hiring a demolition company (Concrete Floor Grinding Melbourne) to do this can also be very expensive. I found it in the range of about $5,000 to $8,000. So we decided to solve this problem ourselves. This is a step-by-step process of how we do this.

This project is for passionate DIYers. Don’t make mistakes This is a physically demanding job. However, you will save thousands of dollars. First of all, be sure to fill the pool. All DIY projects must take all precautions. Always protect your ears, eyes and face. This is just a detailed explanation of how we do this.

let’s start! Drain the water that may be present in the pool. Disable all energy entering the group.

The first thing to do is to go to the city where I live and get permission to dismantle the pool in my backyard. This license only cost me around $35. The city just wants to make sure the pool is full enough after it is full of swimming pools.

Then I had to drill holes in the bottom of the pool to drain. You don’t want a swamp loach or stagnant water to breed mosquitoes (or other creatures). To this end, I rented an electric pneumatic hammer. I made a series of very close holes near the drain in the deep waters. Then, with the help of the hammer, I began to break the concrete. The combined reinforcement makes it a bit difficult, but continues to work on it. Every time he exposes the rebar, it is cut with an electric grinder with a 4-inch wheel. Continue to hit the edge of the hole you created and make the hole bigger and bigger. I played a hole about 3 feet by 3 feet in the depths of the pool. Make sure you go far enough on the relevant land.

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I also dug a trench in the shallow waters of the pool and drilled several random holes in several places. I want to make sure there are no problems with the swimming pool.

Now, break the pool. After having some nice rain and running water in the pool, I am sure I am well drained. I informed the city that I have completed these vulnerabilities. Then they sent someone to check it out and they allowed me to start filling it out.

I started to separate the Cool Decking around the pool with a hammer and an air hammer. (My wife is also in and out of frequent hammering, and I am impressed that this event will make your body, of course.) Discard any debris in the pool, as well as stones, bricks and concrete pieces that you have. Want to get rid of it. I also send the message to all my friends: I need stuff and everything they have. At this point you need the volume to fill the bottom of the pool.

I chose to cut one foot from the top edge of the pool. I had to cut deep enough to cut the bar on the wall. A concrete saw is used for this purpose. I also used a path behind a concrete saw to cut concrete and steel at the top edge of the pool. (All tools are rented anywhere in Home Depo or rental tools). I made a cut of about 8 inches. This makes it easier to break with a hammer. I just threw all these coins into the pool.

Once the concrete removal of the pool is over, I now need a lot of foundation. I found a good resource. Craigslist If you look at the material or material section, you can find someone or a construction company looking for a place to clean up the land. Some people will download it for free. Keep searching and you will find what you need. I found a boy who not only brought me 8 tons of land, but also brought a tractor that he brought to the level, photo. It cost me $350.

Overall, this complete project that filled my underground pool cost a total of $700, tools and soil rent. However, it takes time to complete, saving thousands of dollars. This is what I did. Of course, you can use heavy equipment, but if you don’t have a channel, this equipment will be very expensive. I hope this will help anyone who is ready to deal with this project. The most important thing is, be sure!

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