Get the Most Out of Private 먹튀폴리스사이트Lessons

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OK, so you’re a serious 먹튀폴리스사이player. As a serious player you are doing your best to improve your game. Hopefully this means you are playing a lot. After all, the number one thing you need to do to improve in anything is practice. I would imagine you have also read at least a few books. Reading and being open to the new the ideas it presents is always helpful as well. As a member of, you also have access to many articles that I hope you have taken advantage of.

Being an RPT member also gives you the opportunity to take your training further. It is one thing to read somebody’s words and ideas and then try to apply them in the game. Here you get to see firsthand those ideas and concepts as they are used. Context is invaluable when trying to decide if a certain style of play, or even a simple move, is right for you and your game. Another huge advantage to being an RPT member is the diversity of the instructors – from tight to loose, and from untamed to controlled aggression, the staff at RPT certainly provides many different role models.

But if as a serious student of the game, you decide that you would like to take the next step and get a private coach, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost is whether or not a private coach will do what you think a private coach should do. So let’s start by examining your motivations and what you would like a private poker coach to do for you.

One of the absolute best things a private coach can do for you is objectively analyze your game. Very often we are too emotionally invested to be objective about our own play. Let’s face it, the last thing we want to think is that there is anything wrong with the way we do things. A private coach can help spot leaks that you might otherwise miss. Just plugging one leak alone is often worth the coach’s fee. In this same vein, coaches can often spot repeated tendencies even after only one session. If you are always doing certain things the same way you are giving away too much information to observant opponents. A coach can help you mix it up.

Something as vague as “I want to be a world class player,” may not be the best goal. But if you can narrow the focus a bit then a coach may be able to help. Specific goals like being able to spot bluffing opportunities more easily, knowing why some players are bluffable and some are not, and getting a better handle on your opponents’ play are more realistic. You should always come into a coaching arrangement with a specific agenda. Be prepared to be flexible about things, but for the most part, you should have a clear idea what you want to get out of it.

Choosing the right coach is also very important. You want to find a good match for your playing and learning styles. You should try to find somebody whose instruction makes sense to you. Even being coached by the best player in the world is useless if you don’t get anything useful out of it. Find somebody who “speaks your language” and who can explain things clearly.

You likely won’t have to go far. There are some good and experienced private coaches right here on RPT. If, for example, you like Todd’s style, then get in touch with him and get some information. How much does he charge? Is he available? Is there a minimum number of hours you must do? Find out as much as you can up front so you know what you are in store for. Then figure out what you would like to cover and tell your new coach at the beginning of your first session what you expect.

Congratulations on being such a dedicated poker student. As the games evolves, only those who evolve their game will stay ahead. Use all the tools available to you and much good luck in your poker journey.