Cloud computing

Cloud computing and the reason for its popularity

The world is full of data, and it requires excellent computing power to work with the data. All of us are familiar with the cloud computing and its worldwide adoption. Almost all the middle to big industries and companies have shifted to cloud computing and are enjoying the services. While on the other hand the tech-giant such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google is investing billions into the cloud computing services. Therefore, the question here arises, why is the cloud computing driving so much attention. However in the first place what is cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

The world has shifted to the online world deeply since the last decade because it is much easier to operate and reach to a wide range of audience. The cloud computing is also online services and this online service is available 24×7. Cloud computing assists and delivers services such as software, IT infrastructure, servers, networking, databases and much more to companies on demand.

The reason why cloud computing is demanded

The cloud computing has grabbed a lot of attention in the recent years and is supposed to be having a greater hold on the computing services in the future. These are the reasons why they are growing in popularity.

Reduces cost and efforts

Everything in this world is working on data, so companies need to keep track of the track by investing in infrastructure and storage devices. That is not the end, the companies have to build the software that is required to compute the data out of the database. To make it possible the companies has to invest in IT professional and programmers. Overall, they are making a great investment.

While there are companies that go up and down with the data, they would be dealing. However, the infrastructure that might need should have the maximum limit capacity to process them all. There also may arrive a scenario when the database you invested in it obsolete for the time being. Hence it is wastage of home. The cloud computing services helps you to save money. The cloud provides you the services required and you have to pay them just for the resources such as software, database, storage etc. In times of need, you can borrow them and when not required to abandon them. They are saving money this way and labor to develop the service.

The data is safe

The data is the core of any company and to keep it safe is the biggest concern. For that, the software should be advanced and bugs free. If that not so then the data are more likely to get corrupted and would be lost. Hence, the software should be updated regularly. To do so you need expertise in the field. However, with the cloud computing you don’t have the risk, you have a wide database and the software that they provide are advanced. You get regular software updates that make the software the best of its health and hence prevent any kind of software loss.


Cloud computing has a bright future. More companies are tying up with them because of the advantages it provides.

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