Celebrity Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery is clearly an integral part of celebrity culture. From real stars to comics, project actors and theater actors. It seems that every day we read or see a new image of the stars that have gone too far and are beyond the limits that moral plastic surgeons should be willing to do.

The trend behind the trend of Hollywood celebrities using plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) to go beyond logic is the perfect collective obsession with teenagers. In other words, in American culture, youth is the perfection of romance and idealized body. The problem is that we are young in a very short time. In fact, this evanescent quality may be a component of fuel that fuels this obsession. In addition, few of us or any of us are genetically perfect and ultimately dissatisfied with the appearance of the majority of the country. Joining the fire, the pressure of the stars becomes a perfect example of those who consume their movies, TV shows and music videos, and can imagine the desperate mood that these people need to cling to perfect or missing images. Give your celebrity. status.

Another complicating factor in mixing is that people who are committed to this type of work have tended to enjoy some kind of narcissism with their coffee, and you have a perfect storm. After the desperate soul takes radical measures to improve or preserve examples of any perfect youth fragments that medical science can provide, we are nowhere to be seen. Similarly, in other places, we see the collective obsession with the perfection of youth, photographing the end of the fire with plastic surgery disasters, providing so many sad situations everyone knows when we watch TV late at night. .

As an orthopaedic surgeon, he believes that plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) and other cosmetic surgery such as botulinum toxin and facial fillers can improve a person’s appearance and reassure her. When I see the next star, I will shudder at On the red carpet, the lips-sized sausages and faces are so tight that they look like a “screaming skull” that one of my friends recently described. Similarly, seeing the breast augmentation disaster made me feel sick, as if we had placed a 700cc breast implant on a 5-foot small woman, as was the case with a recent famous reality star. This gives Barbie a relative proportion of aspects! These cases have not been used by medical science to improve their lives, they are a shame in the art of plastic surgery.

The hardest part for me is to understand the process of performing these procedures with a qualified doctor. If he even receives distance education in plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern), or even a fake medical plastic surgeon who calls himself a “cosmetic surgeon,” these doctors must know how bad these results will be before letting the patient fall asleep. As an orthopaedic surgeon, my job is to improve nature while aligning these improvements with balance, physical boundaries, and aesthetic principles of genetic reality. The reality of being an orthopaedic surgeon is that some patients have unrealistic expectations. I have to sit down often and explain clearly that breast implants are “too big”. For small women with cupped breasts, breast implants can easily make them very heavy, causing stress damage to the skin and causing discomfort in the proper position. They are eliminated When I explain physical limits and reality, most women know and usually choose smaller implants. If they still don’t believe and decide to have the largest implant, I apologize to them and tell them that as an orthopaedic surgeon, I can’t use the implants I need to operate, we separate them. Yes, they come back to me from time to time to remove “too big” implants.

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