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Togel Hongkong

NLOP Partnership with Togel Hongkong Network


Players Network, a leader in the industry of “gaming lifestyle,” has announced their partnership with the National League of Poker (NLOP) to invent a new Togel Hongkong site under the Players Network brand. This new online poker room will, like, bring legal and free online poker to the world. Even without real money stakes and tournament buy-ins, there is still plenty of money to be won (due to sponsorships and advertisements that this type of site runs off of), with cash prizes to the tune of $50,000.

Apparently, NLOP will manage and operate the legal online poker room, but Players Network will be compensated through a percentage of the advertisements, a monthly fee on each player, and a substantial piece of the revenue made off VIP subscriptions that provide players with access to premium services and content. In addition, Players Network will have rights to the site’s registration database to market their services to. Players Network’s president of programming, Michael Berk, explains in a article that with the “unparalleled ability to run ads for ‘Players Network’s Poker Club’ on our proprietary programming in over 22 million TV homes in the US, 121 million TV homes in Europe, and on our Broadband and Mobile platforms, Players Network has the ability to reach more potential members than any other poker site out there.”

Trying to explain exactly what role Players Network plays in the industry of “gaming lifestyle” is rather difficult because their reach is so widespread. The company’s “About Us” page states this:

The “gaming lifestyle” category includes travel, entertainment, music, performance, dining, spas, shows, legal gaming, tournaments, vacations & travel and celebrities from the music, sports and gaming areas. Players Network will do for gaming what ESPN did for sports, MTV did for music, CNN did for news and Nickelodeon to children’s programming.”

NLOP, on the other hand is very easy to understand. They are the industry leader for providing free and legal online poker play in the US through their social gaming platform. The keyword here is “social.” NLOP has successfully created an “interactive social network …


Crazy Vegas 에볼루션카지노


Crazy Vegas Casino 에볼루션카지, including 11 Progressives, Powered by Microgaming. They now host the biggest selection of power poker games on the web !! Read more about the progressive games, or preview a complete list of all the games available at Crazy Vegas Casino. Enjoy exceptional customer service 24/7 and live chat. Winnings are the paid out the quickest on the net.

For a limited time only, they are offering the craziest promotion on the net giving you 100% bonus on your initial deposit of $25, $50, $75, $100. You will also get a FREE 15% Ongoing Bonus on Each and Every subsequent deposit you make using Netteller, PrePaidATM, Wire Transfer, ACH, CitaDel and Gaming Card. They also give away a FREE 10% Ongoing Bonus on Each and Every subsequent deposit you make using Visa / Mastercard and FirePay.

For all the serious slot machine players out there, there is a Crazy slots competition…. They are now giving $1,100 Every week to the 55 top wagering slot machine players!

Crazy Vegas Casino use Secure Digital Encryption to protect the details of your electronic transactions over the Internet. Crazy Vegas Casino processing is facilitated by proc-cyber-services, the Internet’s premier electronic cash merchants. If you are still uncomfortable including your credit card or banking details in any e-mail correspondence, you always have the option to telephone your details through to their customer service agents on their toll free lines.

Golden Tiger Casino

The Golden Tiger is famous for changing peoples luck and Golden Tiger Casino has earned a similar reputation with its 110 games which include all the favorite slots, progressives and table games. Friendly service, great graphics and all the big payout favorites such as Lions Share, Fantastic Sevens and Winning Wizards this is really a great place to hit the Jackpot.

English Harbour Casino

Did you set sail looking for exciting online gambling action, state-of-the-art games and the security of an award-winning casino? Well, drop your anchor and look no further – because English Harbour has everything you’re looking for!

English Harbour has been a leader in …

Online Guaranteed 토토사이트 먹튀검증Tournaments Guide


Very cool news for 토토사이트 먹튀검  players looking to keep a sharper eye on those wickedly fun guaranteed poker tournaments:

According to its press release, the idea behind is to give online poker players a single destination where they can find online guaranteed tournaments from all poker networks in a single, convenient web site. The extensive database allows users to search by a multitude of categories that include start time, poker room and/or network, prize and buy-in fees.

What are online guaranteed poker tournaments?

A guaranteed online poker tournament is a tournament where the prize pool is guaranteed by the poker room. For example, a guaranteed $10,000 tournament will always have a minimum of $10,000 in its prize pool. If however, there are not enough players to cover the prize pool then the poker room covers the difference.

Every poker star seems to have a cause they want to support. And this month it’s Jennifer Harman’s turn to raise some funds for her charity by hosting a poker tournament. On April 18th she will host the second annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament to support the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Jennifer has been instrumental in improving the conditions for animals in Nevada. The $130,000 raised last year opened two new wings in the center, and this year’s profits will go towards environments without cages.

The recommended donation to participate in the tournament is $300 + $30. There will be $200 re-donations for additional tournament chips for the first three 20-minute rounds, and a $200 add-on. The first-place prize is a $10,000 seat into the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event. Visit to reserve your seat in the tournament.

Poker is Good for You!

Much of poker’s appeal is due to the fact that it is primarily a game of skill. Although most of the skills of the game are inherent, many more of the skills are acquired only though experience. As a result, successful poker players will always seek to improve by being critical of their own play.…


Top Tips for 먹튀검증Success

Craps can seem like an impenetrable proposition for an outsider, but once you’ve become comfortable with the mechanics of the game after signing up with your 먹튀검bonus there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success. While many articles will outline a dozen different methods for beating the game, our strategy piece will focus on three of the most important considerations you need to make.


Bet Sensibly: It’s as applicable to craps as it is roulette, blackjack, slot machines or poker, but there’s no denying its place in a solid overall strategy. Craps can be an unpredictable game with multiple twists of fate at any point. For this reason you need to have a solid bankroll behind you. Indeed, if you want to avoid going broke and, moreover, implement a winningstrategy you need to have enough money to play with. If you’re playing a conservative strategy then it’s wise to have at least 50 bets on you if you want to play without any fear.


Beware Buy Bets: Buy bets may look attractive as they allow you to place wagers on specific numbers; however, this options comes at a premium. Because the casino is essentially allowing you to make a bet that’s not in their favour they will charge you a commission each time you win. Thus, while they odds of the situation might be too good to turn down, the commission you’ll be forced to pay will eat into your overall profits.


Be Odd: Odds bets (bets made behind the pass line) aren’t the most obvious on the table but they can be the most lucrative. When combined with pass line bets, odds bets give you the ability to cover all but three possible totals. To place an odds bet you must put chips equal to twice your pass line wager behind the pass line. When a point is established you’ll win a return on your investment.


Gambling Bonuses


You may be a novice player or any regular player at online casino; you have to select one …

Chili Slot Gacor Review has been the providing internet poker players with information about the quickly growing online Slot Gacor. They have a complete Chili Poker review full of useful information about the poker room. They even offer 4 different Chili Poker bonus codes that allow you to choose what kind of first deposit bonus you want to get. The review of Chili Poker includes up to date details on the Chili Poker traffic, deposit bonuses, software, game variety and deposit and withdrawal options. This site is continually updated with information about Chili Poker. When there are new promotions or big tournaments going on you can hope to get this information on Chili Poker is a newer poker room with a lot to offer new players. When you visit you will four different bonanza codes to choose from. The special deposit bonuses you will get by using their bonus codes is better than what you would receive if you signed up directly or used another bonus code. Chili Poker is the home of one of the best female poker players in the world; Liz Lieu. She frequents the poker tables and even plays in quite a few tournaments hosted on Chili Poker. When you use one of their bonus codes you will also be able to play in the new player free rolls at Chili Poker which offer a $1,000 prize pool.

Reefer Poker Review

The official fan site for the new online poker room called Reefer Poker is This site gives you with everything you will need to know about Reefer Poker all in one place. The detailed Reefer Poker review contains a summary of the first deposit bonus, competition, poker software, support and deposit options. They also gives players their an exclusive Reefer Poker coupon code. Their special coupon code gives players a huge 100% match up to $500. Players using the coupon code listing on this site will also be able to play in few different free roll tournaments including the new player’s free roll, the new depositor’s free roll and the standard free rolls that …

crypto trust Set To Revisit Derivatives Disclosures


At last week’s crypto trust meeting, the Board agreed to add an agenda project for expanding derivatives disclosures beyond what Statement 133 currently requires. (Minutes not yet available.) The scope of the project is still taking shape: it could be a narrow, focused project that gets done quickly. Or it could be expanded to include disclosures about nonderivative financial instruments. (Think debt.)

Well, whatever shape the project takes, the results are bound to be an improvement over current disclosures. Anyone who’s tried to puzzle over what the Statement 133 disclosures are saying knows – there’s not much there there. Whether a turbo project or a glacier-speed project, the FASB has picked a good target.

Back To The Well: Countrywide Restates More

This morning, Countrywide Credit Industries filed an amendment of their earlier revocation of 2004 financial statements. As you may recall from these pages, that restatement hinged on a premature recognition of gains on sales of loans and securities during 2004 quarters.

Not the end of the story. The company has gone further back into the securitization archives, and found that it must restate the June and September quarters of 2003 as well. The June quarter will see a shift of $185.7 million of pretax income into the September quarter and a decrease of $.20 in June 2003 earnings per share and a similar increase in September 2003’s earnings per share. Because the erroneous sale involved loans and securities, the restated June balance sheet will have an increase in mortgage loans held for sale and notes payable of $2.9 billion.

The timing is curious, in that Countrywide should have probably suspected that other periods may have been misstated when they originally announced their problem. Perhaps they didn’t want to sit on some solid information that they could share with shareholders while waiting to clear up questions about the older securitizations. Whatever the reasons, serial disclosure of problems is not a practice that enhances trust and credibility.

Lease Accounting Restaters: 3/11/05 Roll Call

Presenting the weekly collection of firms who have let the world know that they, too, are afflicted …

Full Tilt slot demo – Mini Series of Poker


MSOP? No, that’s not one of my spelling mistakes, it’s the Mini Series of Poker from Full Tilt Poker and it’s fantastic!

Sad that you won’t make it to slot demo 2008 in Vegas this year? Well don’t be, there’s always next year and in the meantime Full Tilt bring you MSOP, which is an online series that not only mimics WSOP in that there are over 50 events, but it shadows its events and dates as well.

MSOP runs from 30th May until 5th July – just like it’s big brother. Full Tilt are not awarding the champions bracelets but, in addition to generous guaranteed pay outs, champions will receive a limited edition Full Tilt Poker Championship watch.

The buy ins range from $10 to $500 – now that’s about 1% of what you would be paying to play at the Rio in Vegas. Satellites are running from as little as $2.25 or 50 Full Tilt points, I always have a bit of difficulty with the colour coding on the Full Tilt software (sorry!) so, just in case you are as boss eyed as me, these sats can be found under satellites and are coloured dark orange.

If the prizepools weren’t encouragement enough to get you registering for as many events as you can, there is an added incentive – the MSOP Leaderboard. Work your way up the MSOP Leaderboard and you will win a $10k prize seat and find yourself in Vegas next year playing in WSOP 2009.

The excitement is building now that WSOP 08 is just around the corner – next weekend in fact, but study the schedule below, choose your events to match your strengths and shuffle up and play poker!

If you haven’t already got an account at Full Tilt, remember there are still 2 exclusive WSOP freerolls open to all new sign-ups who use the Full Tilt Referral Code FTPGOLD (and anyone who has signed up at FTP through us in the past). That’s on top of the $600 welcome bonus!

32Red Poker bring you the Bank Holiday Red Back Race

This …

Your First Day At The Horse Track


One of the reasons that the popularity of sports gambling has skyrocketed in recent years is its accessibility. It’s easy to bet on most major sports because everyone understands the basics, which teams are good and why they win. Horse handicapping, on the other hand, is a completely different and somewhat arcane discipline. Where there are some shared concepts, success at sports betting doesn’t guarantee the same playing the ponies. Legendary sports handicapper Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder was famous for killing the books with his sports plays–and giving it all back with his inept horse bets.

Below are some very basic concepts that you need to know to enjoy a day at the horse track. This information doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you’ll need to know if your goal is to become a serious horse betting devotee. If that is the case, you’re best advised to check out one of the many theoretical books devoted to the subject.

Arm yourself with information: The first step for any horse handicapper is to pick up a copy of the Daily Racing Form (DRF) and the track program. The publications give the names of the horses, jockeys and trainers, the morning line odds, and the types of bets available for each race. You’ll also have past performance charts, which are crucial for serious horse handicappers. These charts reveal a lot about a horse and what they’ve done on the racetrack, including its record, where it ran, the quality of competition it ran against, and what position the horse was in at various points in the race.

You’re playing against other bettors, not the racetrack: A big difference between sports wagering and horse betting is the function of ‘the house’. In horse racing, you’re not playing against the track–instead, you’re betting against the other patrons. The track simply serves as a ‘banker’, accepting money and paying bets. For this service, they take a percentage of the money bet on each race (called the ‘takeout’). The odds on a horse aren’t set by the track, but rather by the amount of money …



Nowadays, with the improvement of the online security and increase of the online stock brokerage offers, the online stock trading is becoming more and more popular. Investing in stocks online avoids the need of getting a personal broker and it’s cheaper than it used to be in the “real world”. For people trading with low volume this should be an option to be considered.

While there are some websites that charge some comissions on each trade, there are some others that only charge you an initial fee to join them. Also, there are some that charge commissionn based on the number of stocks you trade in each transaction. For instance, if you sell 100 shares, some online investing sites will charge less than $5.

However, the bad point is that you should sharpen your knowdlege to avoid taking risks, since you will be taking decisions on your own without an “assistant”, and there are several tools that can help you to do this. Although most sites provide you some good tools that will help you to take some goog stock trading decisions, I would also recommend to use some other external financial tools. One of these es Google Finance tool, which was threated in the past in this blog.

Online stock trading can bring you success if you find the correct place to do it. In this term, I don’t pretend to recommend any particular site. But doing a bit of research on your own will bring to your attention some major reliable sites that, definitely, will make your investing life a lot easier. Spend that time and help yourself to avoid those annoying fees.


Do you want to improve your financial situation? Are you worried about your recent high bills? Do you really know which is the real interest are you paying up on your bills? Well, there are many questions that could perfectly apply to what I’m going to tell you today, and today’s posts talks about debt calculators which you can easily find online.

These tools are very easy-to-use and most of them are …

Of course, beware of people who play sbobet “the hammer”.



I was playing over at Frank the Tank’s last Wednesday, it was a $60 tourney where I played like crap, when someone dropped a huge hammer bluff. Weird thing about it was: a) I’d never seen this guy before and b) he called his hand “the hammer.”

One of the players at the table, an older guy sitting to my right, asked him, “why do people call that hand ‘the hammer’?” A third sbobet player, at the end of the table, another guy I’d never seen before, chimed in, “That’s what it’s always been called… like Big Slick… it’s what all the pros call it.”

I was stunned.

BadBlood, who was also at my table, chimed in with this nugget of truth, “Actually, it was invented by a friend of ours, a writer named “Grubby”.”

The entire table laughed at what they obviously thought was a joke. BadBlood didn’t bother to insist.


So back to the big party for a bit.

I rang in the new first number, the biggest bash of them all, the long awaited year 2000, in the breakroom at a station in Georgia. I worked as the weekend anchor there and was stuck on that special night.

We got the assignments at about 11:42. Here’s the News Director’s plan:

We’d go lve at exactly 12:01, cutting into the national celebration and the dropping NY ball, to bring you a very special West Georgia news update. It was 15 minutes long, until 12:16 AM.

Our main female anchor, Teresa, was to hold down the fort. She’d sit at the main news desk and handle everything there.

The main male anchor, Phil, was out at an ATM. The premise, at least what I assume was the premise, was to demonstrate that the Y2K bug hadn’t crippled the banking system. We’d be watching Phil make a withdrawl.

Our main weather girl was stationed at a big gala downtown. She’s blessed with the ad-lib gift and was almost certainly the one thing we couldn’t screw up.

One reporter, Jon, was downtown, using the …