Casino Tropez: New Language Support for Togel Mobile Version

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European players that use Casino Tropez Mobile version were introduced with new very exciting feature. Now the mobile version of Casino Tropez is supported by Swedish and Italian languages, in addition, to the existing English and Spanish languages. Moreover, the new users of the mobile platform can enjoy special offers.


This introduction of the different language support by Casino Tropez Mobile version is big news, because that made this on-line casino the only one, which mobile platform is supported by multiple languages. Beside the fact that Casino Tropez is one of the first on-line casinos that brought its mobile version to the gambling market.


Concerning new promotions of Casino Tropez Mobile version, there are also very exciting. For instance, in the case of $20 deposit by a new player that player will instantly receive cash bonus of $100. Furthermore, next deposits of new players could be eligible to receive 20% raise to an unlimited bonus.


To receive all of these special offers you have to simply place your first deposit through the Casino Tropez Mobile version. After that you may enjoy the promotions and all of the featured games like Slots, Blackjack, and other!


New Desktop Application is available from online casino Vegas


Online casino, which is called Vegas Red, came out with new desktop application “My Speedy Alert”. That application is delivering alerts on anything that might be important for the player such as news, promotions at the Vegas Red even when he/she is not logged in the system.


In 2008 the application proved to be successful with the users, and that is why the developers decided to upgrade the software throughout the year. The application does not require to much of effort to download and it keeps you updated all the time.


One of the long time Canadian users of Vegas Red Brigitta K. shared her impressions after using the application. She says that is very convenient for her, because she never misses any news or exciting promotions at Vegas Red. She also adds that her E-mail box is usually relatively empty, because she receives all of the information on her desktop.


This application is completely free of charge. In fact Vegas Red supplies you with a nice bonus of €25 if you decide to download and use the software.


Attention to every slot games lover!


Golden Casino, which is on-line casino from the USA, has something very exciting to every slot games lover, and that is a weekly slots tournament. The tournament is available for absolutely no charge to get in, and there is weekly prize of $1,250 to win.


Moreover, anybody can enter the tournament at any time; because there is no need to participate in several Togel events in order to qualify. The only thing that you have to perform is to sign up for the tournament and you may enjoy playing and try to be a winner of free $300 prize. The important thing to know is that the tournaments starts on Friday and run through the whole weekend till Monday.


In the competition gamers will have in possession the certain amount of credits, which that they have to multiply as much as possible by playing through the weekend. Right now you might check out the event on the Tiki Lounge of Golden Casino.


Alert to US players! You are also able to take part in the competitions, because Golden Cas