Bounce House Purchasing Guide

The children are very happy to meet for their friends on their special day. When the party includes an inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide or inflatable deck, the joy is even better. For kids of all ages, bouncing houses or lunar walks are definitely a big attraction. Without an inflator, today’s game is considered incomplete. There is no doubt that having a bouncing house in the yard is also the perfect choice for parents. Where can parents spend about $100 to entertain a group of children all day? Not only is it fun, it is also a healthier alternative to computer games or television. However, there are a few important things to consider before buying a tire.

Look at the quality of the bounce room to make sure it has no lead.

Recent studies have shown that many manufacturers use unsuitable materials and methods in their production processes, resulting in high levels of lead in dangerous homes. It is important to consult the seller and ensure that you provide your child with lead-free products (less than 99 ppm) and insurance.

Check the safety function of the hammock and the thickness of the vinyl.

Although the goalkeeper can be lead-free, it does not necessarily mean it can be used safely. In general, all commercial grade bodyguards must have at least 18 ounces of vinyl. A thinner vinyl means less life than 18 ounces, and even worse, participants are at greater risk. Make sure the gorillas are reinforced in the pressure zone and have double or triple seams. When purchasing an inflatable slide or water slide, it is also important to check the height of the sides and the presence of a “no jump” blanket. The height of the sides must not be less than 3 feet, and the top of the slider must cover the “no jump” net to prevent the participant from jumping or trying dangerous operations, such as throwing from the top of the board. Slideshow.

Direct manufacturer = custom bouncing room, lower price, faster service.

When you consider buying a bounce product for personal use, purchasing directly from the manufacturer may not be an important issue. However, this may be one of the most important issues for holiday homeowners who want to get wholesale discounts and buy multiple commercial operators for their rental business. Among the many advantages, such as lower prices, faster service, free consultation with professionals, many other benefits can be expected by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. For example, most manufacturers do not charge extra fees to change the color of the inflatable bridge or add additional zippers. In addition, manufacturers typically accept custom orders and help their customers create exclusive custom pneumatic tires that help rental business owners own their own bouncing rooms.

Save money by buying a commercial bounce room made in the USA.

It’s ok! The bounce rental company (bounce house rentals phoenix az) actually saves more money by buying an inflatable bridge made in the United States. While this statement does not apply to most other product categories, it still applies to commercial bounce homes. The average cost of packages offered by US manufacturers ranges from $4,000 to $4,500. At the same time, similar packaging offered by Chinese manufacturers may cost approximately. Reduce by 10-15%. However, gorillas made in China do not guarantee or provide maximum guarantees. One year warranty Even if they have a one-year warranty, the obvious question is how to send the damaged bounce house to China. By choosing a rollover made in the United States, consumers receive unparalleled and safe products with a minimum of 2 years warranty. Saving 10% and buying poor quality porcelain aeration is often a very expensive mistake.

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