Month: September 2022

Get the Most Out of Private 먹튀폴리스사이트Lessons

OK, so you’re a serious 먹튀폴리스사이player. As a serious player you are doing your best to improve your game. Hopefully this means you are playing a lot. After all, the number one thing you need to do to improve in anything is practice. I would imagine you have also read at least a few books. Reading and being open to the new the ideas it presents is always helpful as well. As a member of, you also have access to many articles that I hope you have taken advantage of.

Being an RPT member also gives you the opportunity to take your training further. It is one thing to read somebody’s words and ideas and then try to apply them in the game. Here you get to see firsthand those ideas and concepts as they are used. Context is invaluable when trying to decide if a certain style of play, or even a simple move, is right for you and your game. Another huge advantage to being an RPT member is the diversity of the instructors – from tight to loose, and from untamed to controlled aggression, the staff at RPT certainly provides many different role models.

But if as a serious student of the game, you decide that you would like to take the next step and get a private coach, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost is whether or not a private coach will do what you think a private coach should do. So let’s start by examining your motivations and what you would like a private poker coach to do for you.

One of the absolute best things a private coach can do for you is objectively analyze your game. Very often we are too emotionally invested to be objective about our own play. Let’s face it, the last thing we want to think is that there is anything wrong with the way we do things. A private coach can help spot leaks that you might otherwise miss. Just plugging one leak alone is often worth the coach’s fee. …

Simplifying Forex Trading

If you allow it, currency trading can be simple. A new trader complicates things more than is essential and in the end, he loses his confidence to trade and makes bad decisions. This leads, and rightly, to the feeling that he does not know anything. As a result, he is on the lookout for tips to trade. Though a beginner will find difficulty in trading, he must realize that the people from whom he is asking for tips learnt through their mistakes and converted their bad decisions to knowledge.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Learning Technical and fundamental analysis is the first step that you must take to learn currency trading. It is this mathematical prediction that draws the line between prop firm trading and gambling.

Technical analysis follows the belief “The trend is your friend”. The followers of this school of thought believe that a trend does not change unless it is given a reason to do so. There has to be a reason like a news announcement or maybe an event that affects the financial world. The trader has to read charts and then determine the direction of the overall trend.

Fundamental analysis on the other hand is based on news and major events. It is believed that no trend lasts forever. It comes to a stop sooner or later.

As a trader, you have to learn both these kinds of analysis if he wants to correctly predict the trend and earn profits. Though charts are essential part of predicting the trends, you can never predict the overall trend until you read them in combination with fundamental analysis.

System Hopping

When the trader is not confident about his skills, he begins to switch from one system to another and keeps changing indicators without understanding how either works. All he knows is that he has to buy a currency when it crosses a mark. The calculation involved in this is beyond his comprehension. When he understands this theory, the calculation begins to make sense.

Another thing that leads to system hopping is the trader’s fear of losing money. All traders …

crypto trust Set To Revisit Derivatives Disclosures


At last week’s crypto trust meeting, the Board agreed to add an agenda project for expanding derivatives disclosures beyond what Statement 133 currently requires. (Minutes not yet available.) The scope of the project is still taking shape: it could be a narrow, focused project that gets done quickly. Or it could be expanded to include disclosures about nonderivative financial instruments. (Think debt.)

Well, whatever shape the project takes, the results are bound to be an improvement over current disclosures. Anyone who’s tried to puzzle over what the Statement 133 disclosures are saying knows – there’s not much there there. Whether a turbo project or a glacier-speed project, the FASB has picked a good target.

Back To The Well: Countrywide Restates More

This morning, Countrywide Credit Industries filed an amendment of their earlier revocation of 2004 financial statements. As you may recall from these pages, that restatement hinged on a premature recognition of gains on sales of loans and securities during 2004 quarters.

Not the end of the story. The company has gone further back into the securitization archives, and found that it must restate the June and September quarters of 2003 as well. The June quarter will see a shift of $185.7 million of pretax income into the September quarter and a decrease of $.20 in June 2003 earnings per share and a similar increase in September 2003’s earnings per share. Because the erroneous sale involved loans and securities, the restated June balance sheet will have an increase in mortgage loans held for sale and notes payable of $2.9 billion.

The timing is curious, in that Countrywide should have probably suspected that other periods may have been misstated when they originally announced their problem. Perhaps they didn’t want to sit on some solid information that they could share with shareholders while waiting to clear up questions about the older securitizations. Whatever the reasons, serial disclosure of problems is not a practice that enhances trust and credibility.

Lease Accounting Restaters: 3/11/05 Roll Call

Presenting the weekly collection of firms who have let the world know that they, too, are afflicted …