Month: July 2022

Your First Day At The Horse Track


One of the reasons that the popularity of sports gambling has skyrocketed in recent years is its accessibility. It’s easy to bet on most major sports because everyone understands the basics, which teams are good and why they win. Horse handicapping, on the other hand, is a completely different and somewhat arcane discipline. Where there are some shared concepts, success at sports betting doesn’t guarantee the same playing the ponies. Legendary sports handicapper Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder was famous for killing the books with his sports plays–and giving it all back with his inept horse bets.

Below are some very basic concepts that you need to know to enjoy a day at the horse track. This information doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you’ll need to know if your goal is to become a serious horse betting devotee. If that is the case, you’re best advised to check out one of the many theoretical books devoted to the subject.

Arm yourself with information: The first step for any horse handicapper is to pick up a copy of the Daily Racing Form (DRF) and the track program. The publications give the names of the horses, jockeys and trainers, the morning line odds, and the types of bets available for each race. You’ll also have past performance charts, which are crucial for serious horse handicappers. These charts reveal a lot about a horse and what they’ve done on the racetrack, including its record, where it ran, the quality of competition it ran against, and what position the horse was in at various points in the race.

You’re playing against other bettors, not the racetrack: A big difference between sports wagering and horse betting is the function of ‘the house’. In horse racing, you’re not playing against the track–instead, you’re betting against the other patrons. The track simply serves as a ‘banker’, accepting money and paying bets. For this service, they take a percentage of the money bet on each race (called the ‘takeout’). The odds on a horse aren’t set by the track, but rather by the amount of money …



Nowadays, with the improvement of the online security and increase of the online stock brokerage offers, the online stock trading is becoming more and more popular. Investing in stocks online avoids the need of getting a personal broker and it’s cheaper than it used to be in the “real world”. For people trading with low volume this should be an option to be considered.

While there are some websites that charge some comissions on each trade, there are some others that only charge you an initial fee to join them. Also, there are some that charge commissionn based on the number of stocks you trade in each transaction. For instance, if you sell 100 shares, some online investing sites will charge less than $5.

However, the bad point is that you should sharpen your knowdlege to avoid taking risks, since you will be taking decisions on your own without an “assistant”, and there are several tools that can help you to do this. Although most sites provide you some good tools that will help you to take some goog stock trading decisions, I would also recommend to use some other external financial tools. One of these es Google Finance tool, which was threated in the past in this blog.

Online stock trading can bring you success if you find the correct place to do it. In this term, I don’t pretend to recommend any particular site. But doing a bit of research on your own will bring to your attention some major reliable sites that, definitely, will make your investing life a lot easier. Spend that time and help yourself to avoid those annoying fees.


Do you want to improve your financial situation? Are you worried about your recent high bills? Do you really know which is the real interest are you paying up on your bills? Well, there are many questions that could perfectly apply to what I’m going to tell you today, and today’s posts talks about debt calculators which you can easily find online.

These tools are very easy-to-use and most of them are …

Of course, beware of people who play sbobet “the hammer”.



I was playing over at Frank the Tank’s last Wednesday, it was a $60 tourney where I played like crap, when someone dropped a huge hammer bluff. Weird thing about it was: a) I’d never seen this guy before and b) he called his hand “the hammer.”

One of the players at the table, an older guy sitting to my right, asked him, “why do people call that hand ‘the hammer’?” A third sbobet player, at the end of the table, another guy I’d never seen before, chimed in, “That’s what it’s always been called… like Big Slick… it’s what all the pros call it.”

I was stunned.

BadBlood, who was also at my table, chimed in with this nugget of truth, “Actually, it was invented by a friend of ours, a writer named “Grubby”.”

The entire table laughed at what they obviously thought was a joke. BadBlood didn’t bother to insist.


So back to the big party for a bit.

I rang in the new first number, the biggest bash of them all, the long awaited year 2000, in the breakroom at a station in Georgia. I worked as the weekend anchor there and was stuck on that special night.

We got the assignments at about 11:42. Here’s the News Director’s plan:

We’d go lve at exactly 12:01, cutting into the national celebration and the dropping NY ball, to bring you a very special West Georgia news update. It was 15 minutes long, until 12:16 AM.

Our main female anchor, Teresa, was to hold down the fort. She’d sit at the main news desk and handle everything there.

The main male anchor, Phil, was out at an ATM. The premise, at least what I assume was the premise, was to demonstrate that the Y2K bug hadn’t crippled the banking system. We’d be watching Phil make a withdrawl.

Our main weather girl was stationed at a big gala downtown. She’s blessed with the ad-lib gift and was almost certainly the one thing we couldn’t screw up.

One reporter, Jon, was downtown, using the …

Make Money At Home-Easy If Done Right


Owning your own online business will let you be independent and give you the drive to become your own boss instead of depending on the efforts of other slugs. How long have you wanted to work from home or for yourself or family? You have to figure out exactly what your goals are and find the right mentor who has already been successful and is willing to show you the right roadmap to follow. There are so many promising links that say they will make you so rich and just follow my plan and you will be the next super web guru! Buy my ebook and once you buy it is sounds so good when you read it, but all they do is make you click on more links to spend more money on them, this is good if they would show you how you can make money the same way with your own links. But then once you spend all that money, they forget to tell you one thing how to get website traffic for free back to your own website! For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Agency UK


What they need to show is a roadmap to follow, step by step, like for example list your URL in on this website next; write 1 article a day on each page of your websites for 30 days, next ect… You see what Im getting at, there are so many secrets yet to be told, you need to learn how to grab them. Nothing beats having knowledge in your brain to do your own thing; this can be a very exciting and powerful industry for you and if you do it right you can make some serious money on the internet, you just have to make sure you look in the right places.

Did you know that 90% of most online businesses suffer from lack of producing sales, leads and qualified visitors that are interested in what they have to offer and they don’t even know it. Does this sound like you?

One of the best systems …

Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser – The Official Sponsors of the World เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Tour


The World เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Tour is all set for its fourth season. This tournament will be televised on the Travel Channel. The St. Louis Business Journal reports that Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser brand is the official beer of the WPT. Budweiser television ads will be shown on the Travel Channel. Viewers will be able to spot the Budweiser logo on the Final Table arena. The logo can also be seen on the table ring. It will show its presence on the on-show graphics for the WPT’s hole card camera segment. Budweiser will be holding a Texas Hold’em tournament as part of its promotional campaign. reports:

Budweiser will also stage a Texas Hold’em tournament as part of a retail promotions. It begins in December and runs through February next year.

World Poker Tour to Take its Game Into the International Arena

World Poker Tour has been at the helm of all the televised tournament poker in America. Since it was conceived in 2002, the prize pool has been increasing in leaps and bounds. WPT is all set now to make the game global. It was recently announced by World Poker Tour Enterprises that the tour will be expanding and will go to Canada and the Philippines. Licensing agreements will allow it to create a national tour in both these countries. This will contribute to poker as a game. It will also add to the already widespread popularity of the WPT itself. The time is not far when WPT will spread its reach to countries like England, France apart from several others. reports:

This is a natural step for WPT; the current program that airs on the Travel Channel in America is licensed for broadcast in 116 nations and has been influential in the growth of the game around the world. The regional tours will not be lacking for television, either.

World Poker Tour to be Hosted by Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The World Poker Tour will be hosted by Borgata Hotel and Spa, for the third consecutive year. The tour was kicked off on Sunday and will carry on …

A Poker Bloggers slot hoki Plea


Another UPDATE: It’s over, and the poll disappeared. I think Beth came up a few votes short. They cheated. The vote disappeared late last night before I could launch my final assault. Cheaters…

UPDATE!!!! We’re still behind, but you can revote today. Apparently the ISP’s reset each day. Vote today and vote tomorrow and tell your friends.

This is not poker-related, but important nonetheless. Otis and I would like all of our loyal readers to go to this website and vote for Beth Brotherton as Hottest News Girl.

Any help you can provide, and networking you can do to help swing this vote would be greatly appreciated. Beth must win! It’s important to the poker slot hoki bloggers of G-Vegas and one of our poker buddies (Beth’s husband).

I thank you all in advance for the help you may provide. Remember, vote Beth and vote often!!! (Apparently this site allows you to vote only once per computer because of cookies… unless you can find away around that…)

As the World Poker Blogger Association picks up steam with a newly designed logo from Maudie (see left), Dr. Pauly has gone the extra mile with the Poker Prof to organize the first live WPBT event in Las Vegas.

Make your seat reservations now. I’ve already made mine.

When the cops come knocking at the door, that’s when it’s time to run. Eight men in Lafayette, LA (my home town) learned that the hard way this weekend.

The Lafayette PD raided a bar named Shannon’s early Friday morning and arrested the men on a charge of gambling. It’s the first such bust in South Louisiana since I got here.

It’s a bust that really caught my attention because Texas Hold ‘Em has become increasingly popular across Lousiana. Here in Lafayette, I can probably find a handful of bars every night that are offering tournaments of some kind.

The catch is that these bars weren’t taking a cut of the money, nor were they providing dealers or materials. The bars, themselves, stayed out of it, allowing the players to bring their own materials …