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2022 Lang Calendars

Shooting Stars in 2022 Lang Calendars



If you are a serious astronomy fanatic like a lot of us are, you can probably remember that one event in childhood that started you along this exciting hobby. It might have been that first time you looked through a telescope. But for many of us, it was that first time we saw a rain of fire from the sky that we eventually came to know as a meteoroid shower. At the time when you see the first one, it’s easy to remember the movie “war of the worlds” or some other fantastic image of aliens entering our atmosphere in droves to take over the planet. But with some guidance and explanation of what was going on, we eventually learned that these showers were not at all threatening or any kind of invasion. For the most part meteoroid showers are harmless, part of nature and very fun to watch.


So what are these strange lights in the sky? Are they aliens invading from Mars? Are the comets coming to start the next ice age? Or perhaps asteroids burning up as they enter the earths atmosphere. The answer to the above questions is no to the first and “yes and no” to the other two. A meteoroid is actually a small piece of space rubble, usually dust or small rocks that come from either a comet or the break up of an asteroid in space and that eventually plummets toward the earth. We say “toward the earth” because the lights you see are the friction of the atmosphere burning up those small space tidbits and creating a spectacular show for all of us as they do so. A particularly exciting moment to witness is when a meteoroid breaks up or explodes on entry.


A meteoroid that explodes is called bolides. There are some interesting details about the life of a meteoroid that make the viewing of shooting stars even more fun. To be seen, a meteoroid only needs to weigh as little as a millionth of a gram. But the thing that makes them so spectacular to …

Crypto Gambling

Will Ripple hit $1 by December XRP its just getting warmed up by Crypto Gambling experts



With $13.7 Trillion in globally negative yielding debt, we are treading on new territory, never previously seen by humanity … ever, in commerce.


Negative yielding debt? Imagine. Would you lend $100,000 to anyone – even family – if the interest rate meant, instead of you receiving money, or being zero (aka family), that every month you (the “Lender”) had to pay the borrower, more money? Think about that! You lend someone, your hard earned dollars and then, month after month, instead of making a return on your money, you have to pay out more money? Insanity.


This alone reflects the failing of the Western Central banking system; and has never previously been witnessed in 5000 years of recorded commerce; and not enough people are talking about it – period.


Like a tsunami of capital, this $13.7Trn in negative yielding debt will – and very soon – seek out a return; and, as we speak, has already begun this process of, ebbing out of the countries whose government bonds presently provide this negative yield (Japan, Germany, France, Europe).


If one wants to really understand from more than just a surface opinion on why the recent rally of crypto, one need only understand this very under-reported tidbit of data/knowledge. A tsunami of capital, like a fire-hose, will find its way to other investments – it’s that simple. And while historically, precious metals juniors, cannabis stocks, crypto, etc. has been seen as a more “risky” investment, nothing is more risky than a guaranteed negative yield, like this government debt.


Lets be honest, countries like Japan, which have recently adopted Ripple in a big way, are already very well aware of such crisis’ – even though general market may not be. Proof: Negative interest rates in Japan have driven up safe (physical vaults) sales up to 1000% of previous year sales (year after year). Citizens are doing whatever they can to put their wealth somewhere and avoid paying bank fees. Which guarantees the banks are scrambling to figure out how to reduce such fees; hence why block-chain …





The odds against a bluff succeeding increase exponentially as you add additional opponents to the equation. The more opponents, the more someone is likely to call “.to keep you honest.”


Suppose you were facing a single opponent and thought that your bluff would succeed one-third of the time. Those aren’t bad odds, particularly when the money in the pot exceeds the odds against a successful bluff. Suppose the pot contains $90 and the price of a bet is $30. If this situation were to repeat itself and your estimate of successfully bluffing was accurate, you would bet $30 twice and lose, but you’d win $90 the third time. In the long run, this is an opportunity with a positive expected value.


But what happens if you add a third player to the mix? Once again, you figure that your chances of successfully bluffing the additional player are one chance in three. The presence of a third player will, of course, increase the size of the pot. Let’s assume that the pot now contains $130.


Although the size of the pot has increased arithmetically, the chances against your bluff succeeding have grown geometrically. In fact, your chances of a bluff that will succeed one-third of the time against each opponent have decreased to one-ninth of the time when you consider both opponents together.


There’s no magic here. We’re simply multiplying fractions. One-third multiplied by one-third is one-ninth. While the size of the pot increased, it has by no means increased to a point where it offsets the very long odds against successfully Togel bluffing two opponents.




Bluffs work best against a small number of opponents. The fewer the better. Three is almost always too many, and even running a bluff through two players is difficult.


There is one exception, however. Assume that there are no more cards to come. If you are first to act and are facing two opponents, you canbluff if you think that the last player to act was on a draw and missed his hand.…

Togel Online

PokerStars Tops The Battle For Online Togel Online Traffic



At the top of the online poker battle for most players, PokerStars sits comfortably. So comfortable is PokerStars that they have triple the traffic now of their nearest rival, Full Tilt Poker.


Recent monitoring shows that PokerStars has had nearly three times the number of cash players as Full Tilt Poker and almost 20,000 at its peak on Tuesday while Full Tilt had under 10,000. PartyPoker, which no longer accepts US players, has also been beating out Full Tilt.


One of the biggest shocks is that has not be able to capitalize on the departure of other top online poker rooms from the US market over the past year.


The site continues to flirt with the bottom of the top 10, hardly mirroring the unprecedented growth of the Bodog brand when it was first launched in 2001.


Absolute Poker has recovered nicely from its disastrous “October Surprise”. A consultant for the firm was found to be cheating in some online poker tournaments over a one month period.


The reaction, though slow at first, was to pay out all those who could have remotely have been affected by the “cheater”. All said customers were refunded.


Absolute Togel Online, also a endorsed online poker room has been edging out Bodog. Its sister site, UltimateBet, frequently comes in around the number 7 online poker room. Both Absolute and UltimateBet, however, rank 3rd and 4th in the US market, respectively.


iPoker Network, OnGame and Everest have ranked among the upper top 10 in recent months.  Betfair Poker, another endorsed online poker room, continues to push its way up from the lower top 15 tier. That major betting firm has held a podcast to announce its new Poker Director, thus signaling Betfair’s commitment to taking on the big boys over the coming months.


Unibet CEO, Peter Nylander released on a €200,000 bail


Unibet’s CEO Petter Nylander was yesterday transferred from the Netherlands to the French legal authorities in Nanterre. The judge decided to release Petter Nylander under the condition of …

PKV Poker

Tutorial Mendaftar Di PKV Poker Agen Slot Games Online



Game slot merupakah salah satu permainan judi yang cukup familiar di mata kita. Bahkan permainan ini menjadi yang paling populer di masanya. Dulunya slot hanya sekedar game online biasanya saja tanpa menggunakan taruhan uang asli. Namun seiring berjalannya waktu, game ini kian merambah ke dunia perjudian online. Yang mana game ini langsung banyak diminati. Sekarang game slot bisa anda jumpai di banyak agen slot games online.


Sebetulnya masih banyak orang yang tertarik untuk ikut dalam bermain judi onlne. Namun sebagian dari mereka masih belum tahu bagaimana cara untuk bisa menikmati permainan judi online yang di sediakan oleh agen slot games. Oleh sebab itu, pada postingan kali ini kami akan memberikan beberapa tutorial lengkap tentang bagaimana cara mendaftar pada agen slot games yang anda maksud. Sehingga anda bisa menyiapkan apa saja yang di perlukan dari sekarang.


  1. Memilih situs judi online


Pemilihan situs judi online yang akan anda jadikan tempat bermain adalah hal yang paling mendasar. Kenapa seperti itu? Sebab akhir-akhir ini banyak sekali muncul agen slot games online yang masih tergolong amatiran yang mana sistem keamanannya masih belum terpercaya. Jadi sebelum membuat akun, sebaiknya anda mencari agen slot games online terbaik lebih dulu yang memiliki ciri-ciri seperti yang sudah kami sebutkan di artikel postingan sebelumnya.


  1. Menyiapkan laptop atau smartphone


Yang namanya game online, pastinya PKV Poker membutuhkan laptop atau smartphone yang terkoneksi ke jaringan internet. Jadi untuk bisa bermain judi online, maka anda harus memiliki salah satu dari kedua items tersebut. Usahakan untuk bermain judi online pada agen slot games, anda tidak menggunakan jaringan wifi. Kenapa? Sebab untuk mengantisipasi terjadinya pemadaman yang bisa sewaktu-waktu terjadi yang akan menghambat jalannya permainan.


  1. Memiliki rekening bank lokal


Tidak semua rekening bank bisa anda gunakan untuk mendaftar sebuah akun judi online. Namun hanya ada beberapa rekening bank lokal saja seperti BRI, BCA, BNI, ataupun Mandiri. Anda bingung masalah modal? Tenang saja, banyak sekali agen slot games online yang menawarkan deposit murah bahkan 50.000 saja. Yakin tidak ingin bergabung dengan agen slot games online? Kapan lagi anda akan mendapatkan banyak keuntungan dengan modal sekecil itu.



Casino Tropez: New Language Support for Togel Mobile Version



European players that use Casino Tropez Mobile version were introduced with new very exciting feature. Now the mobile version of Casino Tropez is supported by Swedish and Italian languages, in addition, to the existing English and Spanish languages. Moreover, the new users of the mobile platform can enjoy special offers.


This introduction of the different language support by Casino Tropez Mobile version is big news, because that made this on-line casino the only one, which mobile platform is supported by multiple languages. Beside the fact that Casino Tropez is one of the first on-line casinos that brought its mobile version to the gambling market.


Concerning new promotions of Casino Tropez Mobile version, there are also very exciting. For instance, in the case of $20 deposit by a new player that player will instantly receive cash bonus of $100. Furthermore, next deposits of new players could be eligible to receive 20% raise to an unlimited bonus.


To receive all of these special offers you have to simply place your first deposit through the Casino Tropez Mobile version. After that you may enjoy the promotions and all of the featured games like Slots, Blackjack, and other!


New Desktop Application is available from online casino Vegas


Online casino, which is called Vegas Red, came out with new desktop application “My Speedy Alert”. That application is delivering alerts on anything that might be important for the player such as news, promotions at the Vegas Red even when he/she is not logged in the system.


In 2008 the application proved to be successful with the users, and that is why the developers decided to upgrade the software throughout the year. The application does not require to much of effort to download and it keeps you updated all the time.


One of the long time Canadian users of Vegas Red Brigitta K. shared her impressions after using the application. She says that is very convenient for her, because she never misses any news or exciting promotions at Vegas Red. She also adds that her E-mail box is …

data hk

Serba Serbi Barcelona vs Juventus, data hk Leg 2 Perempatfinal Liga Champios 2017



Serba Serbi Barcelona vs Juventus, Leg 2 Perempatfinal Liga Champios 2017.

*Juventus memenangkan 5 laga belakangan mereka di Liga Champions, dan tidak kebobolan pada 7 dari 9 laga terakhirnya di ajang ini (selama 441 menit belakangan belum kebobolan).

*Juventus memenangkan seluruh laga tandangnya di Liga Champions 2016/2017: 4-0 vs Dinamo Zagreb, 1-0 vs Lyon, 3-1 vs Sevilla, 2-0 vs Porto.

*Juventus memenangkan 34 dari 42 laga kompetisi Eropa usai menang di leg 1. Termasuk 5 diantaranya usai menang 3-0 di leg 1, meski mereka kalah skor di leg 2.

*Rapor Juventus saat jumpa wakil Spanyol di Eropa (sistem 2 leg): 8 lolos, 6 tersingkir. Rapor away mereka ke Spanyol: 4 menang, 5 seri, 15 kalah. Dan rapor adu penalti mereka di Eropa: 3 menang, 2 kalah.

*Kunjungan terakhir Juventus ke Barcelona membawa pulang kemenangan 2-1 (extra time) pada leg 2 perempat final Liga Champions 22 April 2003.


*Tercipta total gol lebih dari 2,5 pada 8 dari 9 laga teraktual Barcelona di Liga Champions.

*Rataan gol Barcelona di kandang sendiri pada 6 laga terakhir di berbagai ajang: 4,5 gol/laga.

*Barcelona dalam jalur menang di kandang 15 kali beruntun di kompetisi antar klub Eropa sejak Luis Enrique mengambil alih jabatan pelatih.

*Barcelona menang 9 dan meraih 3 imbang dari 12 lawatan terakhir wakil Italia ke Camp Nou pada ajang Eropa, dengan 3 yang terakhir dimenangkan dengan selisih gol 16-3.


*Khusus untuk kalah 0-3 pada leg 1 di ajang Eropa, Barcelona pernah mengalaminya sebanyak 5 kali, tapi mampu membalikkan keadaan pada 3 kesempatan (vs Ipswich Town 1977/1978, vs Anderlecht 1978/1979, dan vs IFK Goteborg 1985/1986) semuanya lewat drama adu penalti.

*Rapor adu penalti Barca di Eropa: 5 menang, 1 kalah. Rapor Barca lawan klub Italia di Eropa (sistem 2 leg): 8 lolos, 3 tersingkir.


Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini data hk Genk vs Celta Vigo


Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini Genk vs Celta Vigo, Jumat, 21 April pukul 02.05 WIB. Tampil di Luminus Arena di leg kedua perempat final Liga Eropa, prediksi Celta vs Vigo mengarah pada tim tamu. Keunggulan wakil Liga Spanyol dengan skor 2-3 pada leg pertama, …


Slotland Mobile Casino



Slotland was established as an online casino in 1998. It is one of the largest and respected online casinos online, it is a no download casino dedicated to slot games and powered by its own software.


Slotland Mobile Casino can be played on virtually any cell phone, mobile phone, Blackberry or iPhone that supports Java. Signing up for Slotland Mobile casino is fast and simple once you have chosen the phone on which you will be playing, the game can be played instantly in your browser with no need to download.


Unique and Exclusive Mobile Casino Games

As a mobile casino, Slotland Mobile Casino has succeeded in integrating their entire range of games into a mobile casino format. The mobile casino games at Slotland are both original and exclusive to the Slotland Mobile Casino. The Slotland Mobile Casino  Togel  consists of 21 mobile casino games. Sixteen of these mobile casino games are slot games and the remaining four are mobile video poker and blackjack games.


All of the Slotland mobile casino games are connected to a single progressive Jackpot. This enables the Jackpot to grow at a truly remarkable speed and also increases the frequency of winners at Slotland Mobile Casino. This also means that the mobile casino games at Slotland are not available for free play as all the online games are linked to the progressive jackpot.


Slotland Mobile Casino a Promise of Generous Bonuses and Promotions

Slotland Mobile Casino offers a 100% deposit bonus to all new members. They also offer a further bonus to all existing members for a monthly reload. Slotland Mobile Casino has a VIP club, VIP members are awarded with extra bonus money. Every month there are different promotions that are offered to players at the Slotland Mobile casino to keep the gaming experience both fun and exciting.


Slotland Mobile Casino provides the player with email customer support for any general issues that the player may have.


Slotland Mobile Casino also offers a number of banking options for deposits and withdrawals, such as, Neteller, Moneybookers and …

Joka Casino

Conseils de casino en ligne – Joka Casino



L’incroyable développement des jeux en ligne durant ces dernières années a pour origine, pour une grande part, le jeu de poker. D’innombrables sites ont vu le jour, dans l’anarchie la plus totale, puis dans un encadrement légal minimal par la suite. Jusqu’au jour où les Etats, soudain conscient des avantages qu’ils pourraient tirer de ces activités lucratives, ont décidé de remettre de l’ordre sur ce marché et d’y reprendre la main.


Malgré les lois et règlementations adoptées, les options de jeu sont encore nombreuses et les opérateurs de poker en ligne se livrent une compétition agressive et haute en couleur. Chacun y va de sa promotion ou de sa campagne publicitaire, enrôlant les stars ou vedettes comme autant d’ambassadeurs, afin de convaincre le maximum de joueurs de rejoindre leurs sites et d’y rester fidèle.


D’où l’intérêt d’un site comme qui saura vous faciliter la tâche dans la recherche de l’opérateur qui vous conviendra le mieux. Où dénicher la meilleure solution de jeu, les promotions les plus adaptées à votre situation, les bonus les plus attractifs, les tournois conformes à votre style de jeu et le service clientèle le mieux organisé pour répondre à toutes les sollicitations des joueurs.


Bien entendu, nous nous efforcerons de vous expliquer le plus complètement possible toutes les règles applicables aux différentes variantes de poker existantes, le vocabulaire particulier attaché à ce jeu, les subtilités et astuces à connaître pour se sortir de toutes les situations.


La stratégie sera également à l’honneur sur, puisque la pratique du poker est également dépendante de méthodes de jeu, même si le hasard reste encore présent pour lui donner cette incertitude qui permet de garder Joka Casino toujours le suspens jusqu’au dévoilement de la dernière carte.


L’actualité du poker sera également relatée, avec des informations sur les tournois, les joueurs et les différentes activités de ce monde ne plein développement.


Autant de raison de nous rejoindre sur et de revenir visiter notre site aussi souvent que possible…