Month: April 2021


Cbetcasino Poker Trips #2



But even with old games (supposedly due to lack of sufficient fresh programming), Texas Hold’em is so popular that these kinds of big games can be held. Previous to this big July 12th game, Australia’s Joe Hachem won $7.5 mil last year. For this new tourney, Phil Ivey was the first person in. Way ta go, Phil. You’ve got steel ones, for that kind of buy-in. Whoever wins might want to disappear for a while, get a secluded, secure mansion.


There’s an interesting discussion on odds, at the United Cbetcasino Poker Forum, about the six players’ chances of getting the prize, and whether it’s worth it for most to pay the buy-in of $10 million. Keep in mind that this is a winner-take-all tourney. There are no other prizes. One person gets $60 mil, and five people who paid $10 mil apiece go home with absolutely zilch.


Seriously, if I had $10 million to burn like that, I’d put it into real estate, not in a poker game, no matter how much I love Texas Hold’em. It’s a no-brainer (relatively), less risky, and it might pay back in spades. Of course, I doubt any of these players are putting in much of their own money. They’ll have backers. But there’s probably going to be a lot crying and wailing afterwards.


While I’m waiting with bated breath to find out who the other contestants were, and whether any of them were my Toronto boy Daniel Negreanu, I’m happy to just play my online games for play money. I, like Pokingandpeaking [found via Tripjax], am reluctant to drop cash on online play when I can have fun and learn for nothing except my time. I still plan to get in on the real money action at some point, and I have a solid mathematical plan. Provided online gambling isn’t completely outlawed





Cheri Casino

Cheri Casino Stars and Stardom?



The US poker phenomenon has embraced the 75-year-old Doyle as a grandfather figure. He is probably the most popular player, well ahead of all the young guns. The crowd were not happy with Doyle becoming the short stack at the table.


Two hands later and Doyle was small blind 200, whilst I was big blind 400. Running antes of 50 and a limper added to the blinds, made a Cheri Casino pot worth stealing (1450). Doyle moved all-in for his last 2800, a slight over-bet but probably the correct play. I looked at my hole cards in astonishment, as they were two Aces. I reluctantly called after pondering for the mandatory 30 seconds (in this company it’s best to take the same amount of time when making all decisions. These players will be watching for tells. The biggest tell of all, is how quickly you act. So I try and maintain a consistent 30 seconds regardless). I was calling in the hope of trapping the limper into the pot as well. He had a much larger stack than Doyle. Unfortunately, this didn’t work and the limper passed.


Perhaps the limper knew what was involved, and didn’t want to be the bad man who knocked out the old hero. The hole cards were on their backs, the red flag was raised and the attractive female presenter rushed over to interview the King. Doyle’s 10 J suited didn’t look too healthy she enthused, but the poker gods favoured the great. The crowd held their breath as a QK gave Doyle an open-ended straight. The TV cameras zoomed in and a huge roar greeted a 9 on the river. Doyle stays in the game with a straight. Fortunately, I was not asked for an interview.


An hour later, and I had another deja vu attack. This one was not as disturbing as usual though. My big blind 600, Doyle’s small blind 300, running ante’s of 75 and two limpers for 600 a piece. Surprise, surprise, Doyle moves all-in for his remaining 3900, and I look down at my …