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“Every day of action” is a blog, committed to providing unbiased information on sexual and reproductive health rights of women. We have a pro-choice and woman-centered approach. We believe that reproductive freedom is central to women’s dignity, self-determination and equality. Put simply we envision a world where every woman is free to exercise her choices on abortion without coercion.

If a woman is considering abortion, she can protect her health and safety by knowing her legal rights.  She has the right to decide against having an abortion and continue her pregnancy. Added to this no one has the legal right to make her have an abortion.  There are several laws in place to protect her. It was in keeping these things in mind that “Every day of action” came into being.

“Every day of action” is a legal blog which deals mostly with abortion laws. In this blog we discuss cutting edge cases which affect the women and the innovative strategies we employ to bring litigated matters to a successful solution.

With a deep commitment to transform the landscape of reproductive health and rights, the blog is a repository of articles written by experts and others who have deep passion for the subject and have the knack for writing. We publish a wide range of resources on topics pertaining to sexual and reproductive health by taking into account the factors that underlie women’s decisions to terminate a pregnancy. 

Our writers comprise social scientists, demographers, public policy analysts and communications specialists.

We offer information and counselling for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy, and post-abortion counselling, through our posts.

We support women in their decision-making around unplanned pregnancy, and offer relevant information that may stand them in good stead in their own decision-making processes.

“Every day of action” intends to support students and researchers interested in information about legal issues related to abortion and sexual health of women.

Any material on this blog is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for any medical advice given by health care professionals. 

We welcome comments and feedback from readers which we believe will be a contributory factor to the success of our blog.